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Heres a big ol list of reviews of the new Orphans realease!

Reviews of Orphans:

Pitchfork Media Review
Chron Review
CB Music Review
BC Music
M&C Music
The NY Sun
San Diego City Beat
The Star Online E-Central
Guardian Unlimited
NOW Magazine
The Maneater
Fort Collins Weekly
Detroit Free Press
City Pages
Toronto Star
Ottowa Citizen
Times Colonist
Boston Globe Blogcritics Magazine Music
The Washington Times
Orlando Sentinal
The Villiage Voice
LA Times
Miami Herald
Vue Weekly
Digital Music Weblog
The Philidelphia Enquirer
Jam Showbiz
The Phoenix
Rolling Stone
Styus Magazine
Malaysia Star
Denver Westword
Time Out London
Fort Collins Weekly
Daily Iowan
The Independant


NPR Interview
Cleveland - The Plain Dealer Interview
Pitchfork Media Interview